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My names are Jessalyn, Jessa, Jes & JesseJae Ragus. I’m a Psychedelic Erotica Artist living in San Francisco. Through my artwork I explore sexuality and eroticism; inspired by the natural & metaphysical realms as well as cultural & spiritual feminine iconography. My work references femme/queer societal issues and experiences (ancient & present day), my own personal experience as a queer woman and shares my fantasy of a Queer Utopia. Using Psychedelic Erotica I hopes to eliminate the stigmatization around sex and sexuality by approaching eroticism in sweet, consensual, mind altering and humorous ways that invite everyone to the party.

  I have been a Tarot reader for 8 years and created my own original Tarot deck called “Tarot Erotique” completed between 2015- 2018. The full Tarot deck includes 78 original collages born by combining the traditional Tarot archetypes with queer imagery and the beauty of sexuality, expression and magick. This deck has given me so much & taken my work to many corners of the world I never even imagined it would reach, places such as: Singapore, Japan, India, Australia, Germany, Thailand, Hong Kong, Brazil!

I am a passionate painter and printmaker. Working in mostly acrylic or watercolor & ink but dabble in oil & gouache.

Jesse received her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Academy of Art University, in San Francisco, majoring in Illustration with focus on Children's Books and Editorial.


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